12 Jan 2015

CHS Mu Alpha Theta Club Wins Sweepstakes at CHS Math Tournament

The CHS Mu Alpha Theta Club hosted its 16th Annual High School Math Tournament on Saturday, January 10.  450 students from 22 school competed in 14 different events.

CHS students placing in individual events were:
2nd place – Parkes Winder
3rd place – Jordi Osuna
4th place – Benjamin Ferrell

Algebra 2:
1st place – Andrew Ford
3rd place – Brian Long
4th place – Josh Brooks
Honorable Mention – Chris Alumbaugh, Dominic Maggio, Nicholas Mueller, Ivan Nguyen, Andrew Schoonmaker
2nd place – Isaak Dawson
Honorable Mention – Cameron Vicknair

Algebra 1:
4th place – Luke Anseman

CHS students placing in team events were:

Precalculus Math Bowl:
4th place – Patrick Landry, Jordi Osuna, Carson Piontek, Parkes Winder

Algebra 2 Math Bowl:
3rd place – Collin DeVillierBrian Long, Dominic Maggio, Andrew Schoonmaker
Comp Math 2:
1st place – Drew Argrave, Owen Bourgeois, Benjamin Ferrell, Brett Prejean 2nd place – Brennan Burke, Sam Chastain, Joshua Duke, Jacob Summerville
Comp Math 1:
1st place – Noah Davis, Stephen Gaudin, Sam Gianfala, Drew Harris Honorable Mention – Isaak Dawson, Rami Moukarzel, Khoivu Nguyen, Cameron Pierotti

2nd place – Chris Alumbaugh, Andrew Ford, Christopher McElveen, Nicholas Mueller
Middle School Team:
3rd place – Luke Anseman,  Truett Bankston, Spencer Heitman, Nicholas Robert

Catholic High also placed first on the Middle School Interschool test and first on the Lower Level Interschool test. 
Their outstanding performance resulted in their first ever overall sweepstakes win at the Catholic High tournament.