06 Oct 2014

CHS Offers New Club for Cycling Enthusiasts

Cycling Club has been added to the list of 33 extracurriculars offered at CHS.  The club was started by student Ryan Long.  The club rides three or four times a month around the Baton Rouge area.

“Well, I wanted to learn more about biking just because I realized it could be a lot more than just the riding around the neighborhood we all did as kids,” commented Long. “It could be an adventure, it could be exercise, it could be transportation, and it is just plain fun. I founded the Bears on Bikes Cycling Club this year so that fellow students and I can learn more about cycling, make friends to go to cycling events with, and have a good excuse to exercise and have fun at the same time.”

The Cycling Club is moderated by CHS Junior Guidance Counselor Stephanie de la Houssaye. Club Officers are Ryan Long, president, and Blaine Bonis, vice president.