18 Jan 2016

CHS Student Council Attends LASC Convention

Twelve members of the CHS Student Council attended LASC’s (Louisiana Association of Student Councils) annual convention on Saturday, Jan. 16. Paul Cassia, William Delaune, Easton Hollis, Andrew Trammel, Braden Nyboer, Lance Rodriguez, Jake Schexnaildre, Chase Brouillette, Connor Burruss, William Lee, Brennan Major and Parkes Winder were all in attendance. Schools across the state gathered together to share ideas, listened to guest speakers, dancing at the “Sock Hop,” and ran for district and state offices.

Catholic ran for both district and state offices. Part of the running for state vice president required a campaign theme for the weekend. Campaigning schools performed a skit for the delegation on the first night in connection with their theme and leadership and the next night each candidate school’s representative gave a speech. Catholic won both elections. Braden Nyboer represented the school as the new district president and Lance Rodriguez as the new state vice president.

“Running for state office was an incredible experience. I really enjoyed campaigning and especially performing in the skit. The skit really allowed us to show the creativity that Catholic High could bring to the vice presidency,” said senior Brennan Major.