08 Feb 2018

CHS Student Council “Nose” How To Win At LASC!

This article was written by CHS Student Council Member and LASC District III Communicator Cale Spies.

LASC Convention is a lifetime experience we will never forget! So many of us leave convention with our spirits high. Our very own Ross Denicola ran for state Vice President this year, representing Catholic High School. Ross will tell you he knew he wanted to run for LASC even after his first workshop trip going into sophomore year. It was an instant connection for him. We all decided as a group we would help him campaign and strive to victory. Ross was definitely the right man for the job and we all knew it right away.

It was a normal Monday at CHS and we had a Student Council meeting. We all walked into the meeting excited, because we knew today was the day we talked about the skit idea for running for Vice President. We had some really creative ideas, but there was one clear winner. Two seniors came up with the nose skit and said follow your nose for the leadership that shows. It was the most random thing you could ever think of, but everyone thought it was super creative. We spent weeks preparing for this and rehearsing all the parts. Easton Hollis made the best rap ever. It took many trials and tribulations, but we finally finished.

The day finally came for us to leave for LASC. We packed the bus and started our 4-hour bus ride to Shreveport. On the bus we prepared for our campaign. We put stickers on trinkets to hand out and practiced our skit. When we got to the hotel we stayed up working on a poster for the next day. We wanted everything to go right for Saturday or as we all know it – Skit Day.

Saturday morning, we were all super nervous, but excited at the same time. We were all up for the challenge that awaited. We had our first skit trial then finally got to hand out our amazing nose ring trinkets. We came up with many phrases to go with it and one of my personal favorites was “smell you later”. It was finally time for the skit. We walked in the gym confident and ready to do our best. The atmosphere was unlike anything we had ever experienced. When we got up on stage, you couldn’t even see the front row of the crowd because of how bright and foggy it was. The most nervous part was when a skit in front of us played our theme song for our skit! Our skit was nearly perfect and we heard most people thought it was pretty funny. It was the perfect day to start LASC.

Sunday was campaign day. It was a great experience for us socializing and interacting on behalf of our school. At LASC we were taught that talking and interacting with people is a very important skill in life. In the afternoon, we had our district meeting which was pretty interesting. Cale Spies was awarded the spot of District Communicator during the meeting. Then later that night, the dance finally came! The theme was “Once Upon a Time” and we had to think of something creative for people to remember us by. We chose to wear onesies that represented story book characters. They turned out to be a big hit. We all made memories and friends we will never forget.

Now it was Monday, and time for the election. We all did everything we could to help Ross win, but we knew it was going to be a hard fought battle against Christ Episcopal School. Both schools did a great job campaigning. The election was very close at the beginning. Then we started to take a little bit of a lead and next thing we knew, Ross was the new Vice President of LASC. We were so thrilled for him and know he will do an amazing job.

We had so many incredible memories from the trip. Easton Hollis, a CHS senior said it the best, “LASC is such a fun experience to meet to meet new people and represent Catholic High. Through my years of LASC I truly have become a better leader in my school and community.” Captain Shreve High School did an amazing job of hosting the event, making it the best experience for all! Mr. Phil does a phenomenal job every year and this experience wouldn’t have been possible without him. We can’t wait to see the great things Ross does for LASC. We are impressed by LASC and can’t to return next year.