30 Jul 2013

CHS Students and Alumni Attend JCL National Convention

Two CHS students and five alumni attended the National Junior Classical League Convention held at UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada July 17 through the 22. 

CHS students who attended the convention were Drew Alvarez í´15, Louisiana JCL Editor; Connor Doucet í´15, CHS Junior and Louisiana JCL Parliamentarian. Alumni who attended were former JCL Presidents Joey Chatelain í´05, Ryan Denoux í´11 and Kurt Ristroph í´12. Other CHS alumni in attendance were Eric Ristroph í´07, former JCL chaplain and Gerard Fontenelle í´12. They accompanied 17 other student delegates, two other Senior Classical League members, and four adults from Louisiana.

The two CHS JCL delegates joined more than 1,200 other student delegates from across the country to participate in a week-long series of tests, spirit competitions, Certamen (Latin quiz bowl), colloquia sessions, ludi games and other activities. Doucet served as one of Louisianaí´s voting delegates in the national JCL elections and oversaw the stateí´s voting caucus. Both Alvarez and Doucet played in one of Louisianaí´s three Certamen teams.

Chatelain, Denoux, Fontenell, and Eric and Kurt Ristroph served as part of the Senior Classical League, JCL’s college counterpart, and were five of seven SCL members from Louisiana to attend.

Denoux and Fontenelle co-hosted the annual talent show of the convention, Thatí´s Entertainment, in which Chatelain directed skits and served as stage crew and the Ristrophs acted. Kurt Ristroph served as the National Senior Classical League Editor and was elected National Senior Classical League Vice President for the 2013-2014 school year.

All seven accompanied the LJCL to the Hoover Dam and attractions within Las Vegas, including a trip to the Adventure Dome within Circus Circus and a morning spent shopping at Caesarí´s Palace. The convention itself was held on the campus of UNLV during the final week of July.