22 Jan 2008

CHS Students Place in Brother Martin High School Math Tournament

Three students and five teams from Catholic High School placed in the Brother Martin High School math tournament on January 19, 2008.

Those placing were Andrew Stewart, first place in Trigonometry Individual; Steven Olsen, third place in Algebra I Individual; Kurt Ristroph, fifth place in Algebra I Individual; and David Stewart, third place in geometry.

Student teams placing in the Brother Martin high school tournament were Steven Olsen, Stephen Crosby, Kurt Ristroph and Trentin Cook ‘ first place in Algebra I Math Bowl; Timmy Borgmeyer, Andrew Stewart and Roth Salomon ‘ first place in Pre-Calculus Math Bowl; Andrew Mire, Peter Sicard and David Stewart ‘ second place in Geometry Math Bowl; Michael Thomas, Chris Sciortino, Michael Constant and Nicholas Magazine ‘ third place in Interschool Test; and Michael Lacombe, Tommy Henson and Chad Aubert – fourth place in Algebra II Math Bowl.