19 Mar 2007

CHS Students Placed in District Literary Rally

Catholic High School students placed in District Rally Saturday, March 17, at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Those placing first were Calvin Turk, Accounting I; Kyle Babin, advanced math; Andrew Stewart, Algebra II; Aaron Caffarel, American History; Eric Bordlee, Biology I; James Gilbert, Biology II; Joseph Theriot, business computer application; Christopher Sciortino, chemistry; Eric Ristroph, free enterprise; Daniel Nelson, French II; Christopher Focht, geometry; Thomas Sparks, Spanish II; Alexander Maris, Spanish III; and Matthew DeRobertis, world geography.

Second place participants were Justin Phillips, Accounting I; Raymond Decuir, Algebra I; Russ Guidry, Biology I; David Crochet, calculus; James Selent, chemistry; Eric Guidry, computer science; Charles Weimer, geometry; Patrick McGehee, Introduction to Business Computer A; Brian Lumpkins, physics; Kenneth Zielewski, world geography; and Davis Rhorer, world history.

Those placing third were Michael Kelly, Algebra I; Chad Gremillion, Biology II; Taylor Simon, English I; Clayton Walker, English II; Steven Powell, environmental science; and Ryan Ginn, psychology.

Fourth place participants were Christopher Smith, Advanced Math I; Benjamin Leblanc, business computer application; William Lee, calculus; and John Beieler, environmental science.

Fifth place participants were Brett Lemoine, computer science; Casey Fitzgerald, English I; Anson Becnel, English II; Louis Kearny, English III; Kyle Jackson, free enterprise; and Adrian Wintz, Spanish I.

Those students placing sixth were Hilliard Chesteen, civics; and Ryan Al-Marhoun, English IV.

Twenty-six students from Catholic High will now compete at the State Literary Rally.