07 Feb 2013

CHS Tennis Team Begins Season with Three Victories

The CHS tennis team opened its season with victories over St. Amant, St. Michael and Parkview Baptist.

The CHS tennis team defeated St. Amant 5-0 on Wednesday, February 6. The Bears were led by singles victories from Carter Lundin and Alex Klement and doubles victories from Grayson Hunt and Parker Hunt, Paul Lewis and James Isacks and John Morvant and Preston Gautreau.

Also on Wednesday, February 6, the team defeated St. Michael 3-2. The bears were led by doubles victories from Stephen Colomb and Brendan Aguillard, Michael Paul Bienvenu and Matt Greene and Chris Spedale and Pierce Hill.

On Thursday, February 7, the tennis team beat Parkview Baptist 3-2. The team was led by a singles victory from Alex Klement and doubles victories from James Isacks and Foster Brackin and Paul Lewis and Clay Kershaw.