13 Aug 2012

CHS Ultimate Team Hosts NexGen All-Stars at Clinic

The Catholic High School Ultimate team hosted the NexGen All-Stars at an ultimate clinic held in Independence Park on Saturday, August 11.

The clinic was an opportunity for students interested in playing ultimate at a competitive level.  Participants were able to learn Ultimate technique and tactics from some of the best players in the world, the NexGen Ultimate Team.

NexGen is an Ultimate team composed of 15 Ultimate college all-stars whose mission is to íÍpromote the sport of Ultimate by increasing accessibility to elite-level athletes and instruction.íñ Many athletes on the NexGen team have either won the Callahan Award or were named runner up for the award. The Callahan Award is the annual award given by the Callahan Award committee to the best male and female college Ultimate players, comparable to the Heisman Trophy awarded in college football.

íÍIt is like having Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson come to CHS to coach a clinic for our football team,íñ commented CHS Ultimate coach Michael Aguilar.

Participants enjoyed the opportunity to receive instruction from Ultimate notables such as Callahan Award winner Nick Lance, Georgia Tech; Dylan Freechild, University of Oregon; and Kevin Minderhout, University of Georgia.