06 Oct 2014

CHS Ultimate Team Place Second in Suit and Dive Tournament

The CHS Ultimate Team, or Bayou Hazard, opened its 2014-2015 season finishing second in the Suit and Dive Tournament hosted by Spring Hill College at Founders Park in Fairhope, Alabama. 

The 21 boys that attended helped balance three different lines.  The opening game was against the host team, Spring Hill, and they kept it close but ultimately lost the game 10 – 8. 

The Bears became a hazard to their next five opponents beating University of West Florida’s coed team twice, 13 – 7 and 15 – 7, and their men’s team, 15 – 8, to make it to the finals.  They also beat a Mobile Club team, Skyd, 11 – 8 and the University of South Alabama men’s team 13 – 10.  The final game was back and forth with the lead changing hands four times before Gunshine was able to cap it with a score of 15 – 9.