02 May 2016

CHS Weightlifting Team Wins 2016 State Championship

The Catholic High Bearsí´ Weightlifting Team captured its 18th State Title in the past 26 years on Saturday April 30. The team was led by Senior K.J. Wilson, who earned íÍOutstanding Lifteríñ honors. This meet is sanctioned by the U.S. Weightlifting Federation and was held at Spectrum Fitness Center on Monterrey Blvd. in Baton Rouge. There are two lifts in the competition í the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. 

Wilson hoisted 255.2 lbs. in the Snatch and 314.6 lbs. in the Clean & Jerk for a total of 569.8 lbs. total! He won the 105+ kg weight class and was one of five individual State Champions for the Bears. Other Gold Medalists were Caleb Sanders in the 47 kg class, Tyler Turner in the 56 kg class, John Eric Ginn in the 77 kg class and Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the 94 kg class. 
Other CHS lifters scoring for the Bears were: M.J. Coates í 2nd Place in the 69 kg class; D.J. Rousseau – 2nd Place in the 105 kg class; Cameron Carpenter í 3rd Place in the 62 kg class; Jared Small í 3rd Place in the 94 kg class; Rock Schexnaydre í 3rd Place in the 105 kg class; and Grant Gallegos í 5th Place in the 77 kg class.  

47 kg í Caleb Sanders               Snatch-77, Clean/Jerk-105.6            Total = 182.6 Lbs. 
56 kg í Tyler Turner                  Snatch-110, Clean/Jerk-132             Total = 242 Lbs.
62 kg í Cameron Carpenter       Snatch-121, Clean/Jerk-154             Total = 275 Lbs.
69 kg í M.J. Coates                   Snatch-143, Clean/Jerk-187             Total = 330 Lbs.
77 kg í Grant Gallegos               Snatch-149.6, Clean/Jerk-193.6       Total = 343.2 Lbs.
77 kg í John Eric Ginn               Snatch-176, Clean/Jerk-242             Total = 418 Lbs.
94 kg í Clyde Edwards-Helaire   Snatch-202.4, Clean/Jerk-248.6       Total = 450.6 Lbs.
94 kg í Jared Small                   Snatch-193.6, Clean/Jerk-242          Total = 435.6 Lbs.
105 kg í D.J. Rousseau              Snatch-176, Clean/Jerk-242             Total = 418 Lbs.
105 kg í Rock Schexnaydre        Snatch-176, Clean/Jerk-242             Total = 418 Lbs.
105+ kg í K.J. Wilson                Snatch-255.2, Clean/Jerk-314.6       Total = 569.8 Lbs.