29 Oct 2012

Curtis Westmoland Recognized as Top 33 Bowling Prospect

Bowlerí´s Journal International named CHS junior Curtis Westmoland as one of the top 33 male high school prospects of 2012. Westmoland was recognized by the publication for winning the 2011 Gran Prix Junior boys, being runner up in the Louisiana State Scratch Singles and being named the 2012 District MVP. Westmoland is the only bowler recognized from Louisiana.
Westmoland has been a member of the CHS bowling team since his freshman year.

íÍCurtis has been an integral part of the team since his freshman year, being recognized twice as the District MVP,íñ said Robin Deck, CHS Bowling Coach. íÍHe has continued to grow as a leader who helps all members of the team become better bowlers.íñ