14 Nov 2005

Mu Alpha Theta Members and Teams Placed in Tournament

CHS Mu Alpha Theta members placed at the Archbishop Chapelle tournament on November 12.

Placing first were Will Lee,Advanced Math/Trig; and Daniel Morgan, Calculus. Second place recipients were Spencer Jurkiewicz, Advanced Math/Trig; Travis Meyer, Calculus; and John Shamma, Algebra I. Third place recipients were Chris Goodman, Algebra I; Sam Harbourt, Calculus; Crosby Jurkiewicz, Algebra II; and Andrew Stewart, Geometry. Fourth place recipient was Brandon Harper, Calculus. Fifth place recipients were Chris Fronczek, Calculus; and Andrew Townsend, Algebra II. Sixth place recipients were Nicholas Comeaux, Advanced Math/Trig; and Scott Sulik, Calculus.

CHS Mu Alpha Theta teams placing first in the level one, 8-10th grades at the tournament were Kyle Babin, Michael Thomas, Andrew Stewart and Andrew Townsend. Placing first in level two, 11th and 12th grades were Sam Harbourt, Daniel Morgan, Travis Meyer and Mitchell Sances. Placing second in level two were Stephen Demouy, Timothy Kwan, Spencer Jurkiewicz and Will Lee. Placing third in level two were Austin Beard, Scott Sulik, Brandon Harper and Andrew Walker.