17 Jan 2005

Mu Alpha Theta Members Place in Brother Martin Tournament

Catholic High School Mu Alpha Theta members participated in the Brother Martin High School Mu Alpha Theta tournament on Saturday, January 15, 2005. Several Catholic High students placed in the following categories. Andrew Stewart ’09, first place (Algebra I); Remy Coss_ ’05, second place (Calculus B); Frank Henchy ’05, fourth place (Potpourri); Tyler Harper ’05, fifth place (Calculus A); Ben Bradley ’05, sixth place (Calculus A).
Teams from Catholic High School placed in the following categories. Scott Causey ’08, Michael Thomas ’08, Chris Heroman ’08 and Calvin Turk ’08, first place (Geometry), David Crochet ’07, Eric Ristroph ’07, Stephen Demouy ’07 and Reed Stephens ’07, first place (Algebra II), Matthew Caillet ’05, Frank Henchy ’05, first place (Potpourri), Andrew Stewart ’09, third place (Algebra I), Kevin Hanegan ’05, Travis Meyer ’06, Sam Harbourt ’06 and Daniel Morgan ’06, third place (Advanced Math), and
Preston Aydell ’05, Joey Chatelain ’05, Joseph Calvasina ’05 and Tyler Harper ’05, fourth place (Calculus).