01 Oct 2006

Mu Alpha Theta Placed Second in Tournament

Congratulations to the Mu Alpha Theta members who represented CHS well this past Saturday at the St. Paul’s math tournament. As a team the members placed 2nd overall.

Individual award winners in the top four places include the following:
4th place: Peter Sicard (Pre – Alg)
3rd place: Chad Aubert (Alg I) and Stephen Demouy (Adv Math/Trig)
2nd place: Will Lee (Potpourri) & Eric Ristroph (Adv Math/Trig)
1st place: Andrew Stewart (Geometry)

The following students also placed in the top four in team events:
4th place: Chad Aubert, Tommy Henson, Jordan Krouse and John Shamma (Alg I)
2nd place: Ian Runnels, Peter Sicard and Ross Starks (Pre-Alg)
2nd place: Stephen Demouy, Will Lee and Eric Ristroph (Potpourri)
1st place: Nathan Bush, Casey Fitzgerald, Michael LaCombe and Charles Weimer (Alg I)
1st place: Michael Constant, Nicholas Magazine and Andrew Stewart (Potpourri)

Those competing and placing in individual competitions were Ross Starks, 6th place; Peter Sicard, 4th place; Nathan Bush, 6th place; Charles Weimer, 5th place; Chad Aubert, 3rd place; Andrew Stewart, 1st place; Stephen Demouy, 3rd place; Eric Ristroph, 2nd place; and Will Lee, 2nd place.

Due to the entire group’s efforts, the mathletes took 2nd place in the Whole School Test & 2nd in Sweepstakes (Overall Placement).