05 Feb 2012

Mu Alpha Theta Places Third in Baton Rouge High Tournament

The Catholic High Mu Alpha Theta participated in the Baton Rouge High Tournament on Saturday, February 4.  CHS won sweepstakes and placed 3rd overall.

Individual Results-
Calculus BC:

Honorable Mention – Benjamin Wiseman

Calculus AB:
1st – Kurt Ristroph
4th – Stephen Crosby

1st – Mark Babin
3rd – David Doiron
Honorable Mention – Alex Goay, Austin Lala, Joseph St. Cyr

Algebra II:
2nd – Hunter Rube

Honorable Mention – Brandon Magazine

Team Results –
Calculus Math Bowl
– 1st place – Stephen Crosby, Brad LaVergne, Kurt Ristroph, Eric Rohli
Precalculus Math Bowl – 2nd place – Mark Babin, Thomas Culotta, David Doiron, Austin Lala
Algebra II Math Bowl – 2nd place – Paul Lewis, Hunter Rube, Ben Toups