16 Aug 2012

Nicholas Bosse ’12 Receives the Delario Eames Courage Award

Nicholas Bosse, a member of the Catholic High School Class of 2012, is the recipient of the Delario Eames Courage Award.

The Delario Eames Courage Award is presented to a student, graduate or friend of Catholic High School, who, by his or her actions, has demonstrated the mental and moral strength to confront, resist and overcome significant danger, opposition or hardship. It honors Delario Eames í´73, who inspired others with his courage and determination to overcome obstacles. Eames was killed in a training exercise over the Pacific while he served as a pilot in the United States Navy.

Bosse is certainly an example of courage while overcoming significant obstacles throughout his young life.  At the age of three, Bosse, and his brother Luke, were diagnosed with Maroteaux-Lamy (MPS VI).  MPS VI is a rare enzyme deficiency disorder that affects the bones, joints, eyes, heart, spine, hearing and major organs.  Over the last 15 years, he has undergone numerous surgeries and treatments, including two failed bone marrow transplants, hip and knee surgery, five ear surgeries and two cataract surgeries. 

Although there is no known cure or documented information on what his medical future holds, Nick received a hopeful treatment option in 2005.  He was selected as the first person in the world to receive an approved drug which is administered through a six hour hospital infusion.  Over the last six years, Nick has endured this treatment once a week.  In addition to participating in a study for the disease for over 10 years, Nick now serves on the National MSP VI Young Adult Advisory Board and offers support to others considering this treatment option.

Bosse has not allowed his disorder to keep him from doing what God has called him to do.  He lives his life with a thankful spirit and courageous heart.  Nick participates in volunteer projects through the Bishop Ott Mení´s Shelter, charity walks and assisted with rebuilding homes following Hurricane Katrina.  While at Catholic High, he participated in the band, Media Club, Honor Board and Bearly Published.  He graduated from Catholic High School as an academic program scholar and a Man of the Year. 

Nick Bosse will begin classes in the fall at LSU where he will study Mass Media. 

Previous recipients of the Delario Eames Courage Award are John Bergeron ’70, Sam Couvillion ’76 and John Brewerton ’77.

Bosse will be honored at an Assembly at CHS on Friday, August 24 at 9:47 a.m.  All members of the Classes of 2012 and 1973 are invited to attend the Assembly and a reception following in the CHS Alumni Office.