06 Oct 2008

PAGE Deadline is October 10

The final PAGE presentation was held on September 30. Parents who were unable to attend any of the presentations should have received a packet from the school. The packet includes a letter from CHS President Gene Tullier, a summary of the presentation and a commitment form.

The original deadline for turning in the commitment forms was September 12. Because of the storms and the additional meetings, that deadline was changed to October 10, 2008. Parents can either donate by returning the commitment form or by donating online. Parent volunteers will follow up with those parents who have not responded by October 10th. Even if a parent chooses not to participate, parents are asked to return the commitment form by the deadline.

The feedback from parents who have attended the meetings has been extremely positive. Parents who attended the meetings have stated that they have a better understanding of the purpose of PAGE.

If you have not received your packet from the school, please contact the CHS Development Office at 389-0978.

Click HERE to donate online to PAGE.