30 Oct 2011

Second Annual Day of the Deployed Provides Over 100 Packages for Military Alums

Catholic High students, faculty, staff, alums and friends joined Soldier’s Angels to participate in the Second Annual Day of the Deployed on Wednesday, October 26. 

During studentsí´ lunch periods supplies were collected to ship to deployed CHS graduates and other deserving troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lt. Vincent Panepinto ’04 attended and visited with students during their lunch periods.  He is currently on a short vacation before being deployed for the 2nd time to Afghanistan.   Sue Abshire and Michelle Brown, two CHS mothers who are active in the Soldier’s Angels organization, also attended.  Alumni assisting with donations throughout the day were Sam Losavio í´66 and Denny Vicknair í´63. 

Thanks to the efforts of CHS students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends, 125 boxes were packaged to ship to CHS military alums.