14 Mar 2010

Student Ambassadors Raise Money for Haiti With Dodgeball Tournament

The CHS Student Ambassadors sponsored a Dodgeball Tournament and Courtyard Concert on Friday, March 12.  The event was to raise money for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart schools in Haiti.  The Student Ambassadors raised over $700 for the effort.

Coming in at first place were The Vampire Llamas, followed closely by the 2nd place team named “Awesome.”   The teacher team finished in 3rd, putting up a great effort in the loser’s bracket before being eliminated.   Thanks to the faculty members who attended and to the H.I.A. organization (CHS Alumni) for helping run the event.  

The Courtyard Concert was entertained by CHS Student Bands, Hanks’ Bowtie Company, Alan Twitty Project and The Love Handles.