08 Sep 2009

Students Invited to Rosary Group

During his sophomore year at Catholic High, Senior Phillip Gordy had the idea of sharing his devotion to Mary with his classmates.  While saying the Rosary on his way to school one morning, Phillip decided to speak to Brother Ray Hebert, SC about his idea.  Once Phillip had permission, he began meeting in Mr. Jeff Nolaí´s office during his lunch period every Friday. 

“Phillip Gordy started the Rosary group during his sophomore year.  He invites students to attend each week and he leads the prayer.  Phillip is an amazing young man who has enriched my own spirituality.  He attended this past summer’s mission trip to Kentucky and did an excellent job.  Whenever anyone, adults and students, needed help with a project, we called on Phillip,” commented CHS Campus Minister Jeff Nola í´94.

Students are invited to attend each Friday at 4th period lunch in Mr. Nolaí´s office.  If you are interested in starting a prayer group during a different lunch period, please see Mr. Nola.