23 Mar 2014

Track and Field Team Remains Undefeated

The CHS track and field team won the track meet held at Catholic High on Saturday, March 22. The Bears dominated competition with a team score that exceeded the combined scores of the five other teams competing in the meet.

The Bears won all of the field events, all of the distance races, both hurdle races and two of the three relays in their dominant performance.  Six efforts placed athletes on the Catholic High íÍall timeíñ best performance list, and two freshman school records were broken during the meet.
Individual results are as follows:

Field Events

1st Place í Matthew Root, 176í´8íñ
2nd Place í Connor Tiersch, 176í´6íñ

Shot Put
1st Place  í Nigel Despinasse, 53í´11.5íñ
2nd Place í Ross Quinlan, 51í´1íñ
3rd Place í Uriah Alexander, 43í´5íñ

1st Place í Ross Quinlan, 159í´11íñ
2nd Place í Matthew Root, 135í´
3rd Place í Nigel Despinasse, 134í´4íñ

High Jump
1st Place í Chance Stephens, 5í´11íñ
2nd Place í Phillip Wilkins, 5í´9íñ

Pole Vault
1st Place í Chadd Burns, 15í´3íñ
2nd Place í Chandler Lemoine, 12í´3íñ
3rd Place í Chandler Kelleher, 11í´9íñ

Long Jump
1st Place í Ryan Long, 21í´8.25íñ

Triple Jump
1st Place í Jace Attuso, 42í´9.25íñ
2nd Place í Ryan Long, 40í´11íñ

Running Events

110 Meter Hurdles
1st Place í Arthur Price, 13.9
2nd Place í Davis Richardson, 14.0
3rd Place í Kam Cummings, 14.7

300 Intermediate Hurdles
1st Place í Davis Richardson, 39.0
2nd Place í Kam Cummings, 39.2

200 Meters
1st Place í Arthur Price, 21.9
3rd Place í Brandon LeDuff, 22.7

800 Meters
1st Place – Michael Tramonte, 2:02.9
3rd Place í Michael Comeaux, 2:05.2

1,600 Meters
1st Place í Jeffrey Kelley, 4:35.2
2nd Place í Brandt Green, 4:36.2
3rd Place í Lawrence Elkins, 4:42.9

3,200 Meters
1st Place í Jeffrey Kelley 9:58.8
2nd Place í Brandt Green, 10:13.3

4×200 Meter Relay
1st Place í CHS team of Arthur Price, Davis Richardson, Brendan LeDuff and Ryan Stephens, 1:29.2

4×400 Meter Relay
1st Place í CHS team of James Abbott, Brendan LeDuff, Patrick Stephens and Davis Richardson, 3:27.8

Freshman School Records: Kam Cummings í 110 Hurdles (14.7) and 300 Intermediate Hurdles (39.2)