07 Nov 2013

Ultimate Team Holds Intrasquad Tournament

The CHS Ultimate team held their semi-annual intrasquad 3v3 íÍThree Friends Tournamentíñ at Independence Park on Tuesday, November 6. 

Each semester, the winning team is crowned with headgear from different countries based on the country selected. Russia was the country selected for Tuesdayí´s tournament.  The winning team was crowned with furry Russian hats while in their Halloween costumes.

The winning team for the tournament was Andrew Corder í´14, Thomas Kline í´15, Cody Nguyen í´16, Luke Lacy í´17 and Dominic Toranto í´17.

íÍThis bi-annual tournament is the most anticipated week of practice of the season.  It basically gives the winning team bragging rights until the next tournament.  Ití´s just good competition amongst the team,íñ said Dylan Zeringue í´14.

The Ultimate team will travel to Marksville this weekend to compete in The Avoyelles Tournament.