11 May 2015

Week for Mozambique Featured on WBRZ’s 2uneIn

WBRZ Channel 2 News featured Ms. Deck’s American History Honors class on 2uneIn this morning, Tuesday, May 12, 2015.

The class took on the “Week for Mozambique” fundraiser as their class project. With a goal of $6,000, the class ended up raising double that. On Thursday, April 30, the class presented a check for $13,723 to Brother Chris Sweeney, SC in Mozambique via Skype. The money will go to support the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and their Mission Amatongas.

Click here to watch Ms. Deck’s class on 2uneIn at the WBRZ website.

To read more about the Mission Amatongas and to stay updated with the progress of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart in Mozambique, click here.