28 Oct 2012

NHS Raises Money for Marta Hernandez McCarron CHS Student Endowment Fund

The National Honor Society raised $1,176 for the Marta Hernandez McCarron CHS Student Endowment Fund.  Each of the 194 members of NHS participated in a three-week candy sale at school. 

The fund was established in honor of former CHS faculty member Marta McCarron who died in 2008.  McCarron dedicated her life to helping others, especially those less fortunate. 

íÍOne of the qualities CHS stresses is equality among students,íñ said George Jeha, National Honor Society President. íÍThis fund helps students who are not able to have the same privileges some of us take for granted.íñ

Jeha presented the $1,176 check to CHS President Gene Tullier on Monday, October 29.

Officers of the National Honor Society include George Jeha, president; Ellis Sartain, vice-president; Trey Poch_, secretary; and Thomas Karam, treasurer.  Faculty members Sherry Brouillette and Willie Stephenson serve as moderators.