18 Jun 2007

Nominations Sought for CHS Hall of Fame

Catholic High school is seeking nominations for membership in its Hall of Fame. To be eligible, a person must have graduated from Catholic High School or been associated with the school at least five years prior to nomination.

The Hall of Fame honors any person, living or dead, whose life and accomplishments can be an inspiration to the students of Catholic High.

To be selected, a person must
‘ exemplify the principles of the Gospels,
‘ provide service to the community,
‘ have a reputation within the general community,
‘ and have individual accomplishments.

Seventy-two alumni and friends of CHS are members of the Hall of Fame. Letters of nomination and copies of r_sum_s or other biographical materials are due by August 15, 2007 to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, Catholic High School, P.O. Box 65004, Baton Rouge, LA 70896-5004.