07 Jul 2010

Online Book Order Program Available for Students

Details and Instructions
New Online Book Order Program

CHS has a new method for purchasing books beginning with the Fall 2010 semester.  The program will continue to be managed by our bookstore staff; however, the manner in which a family purchases books is different.  Our goal is to make book ordering much simpler and more cost effective through a streamlined process.  Following is an outline of the program:

Œ« Parents must purchase books online.  Books will not be sold at orientation.

Œ« This process replaces the books that students purchased at orientation in previous years such as workbooks, novels, and vocabulary books.  Students still receive state-issued textbooks at the beginning of the year; that is why not every course has books you need to buy through this process.

Œ« Books will be mailed directly to the studentí´s home.

Œ« Click on the link below to begin the book order process.   All books needed for a particular course will be listed under individual course information. Buying books following these procedures insures that you have the correct book (title, author and editions) specified by teachers.  The only information you need is a list of your soní´s courses.  You do not need his schedule, you just need to know what courses he is taking.

Any questions regarding the new process for purchasing books should be directed to the Catholic High School Bookstore Manager, Mrs. Pinney Johnson (383-0397, ext 104).