16 May 2011

Online Book Orders for Students Available June 1

Student workbooks and novels are purchased online through the CHS Bookstore. A link will appear at the bottom of the Catholic High School homepage on June 1. The school has contracted with a company which has supplied our school with books for nearly 20 years.  We know that by ordering from this site, your son is assured of having the specific books required by his teachers. Therefore, it is highly recommended that families take advantage of this service. By placing your order in June or early July your order will arrive prior to the first day of school plus will offer a larger selection of used books to choose from. The first week of June has been designated for FREE SHIPPING.

Only families using this service are eligible to participate in the end-of-year book buy-back service. Students may resell selected titles for credit on their next purchase or as a refund for non-returning students.  Any questions regarding these procedures may be addressed to Pinney Johnson, Bookstore Manager at pjohnson@catholichigh.org or by calling 383-0397, ext. 104.