Parent Information

Catholic High School considers faculty, staff and administration as “partners with parents” in the formation of young men. Catholic High School offers many opportunities for parents to become involved in activities with their sons and in service and support of the school, such as participating in:

  • Men’s Club
  • Mothers’ Club
  • Parent-to-Parent Program
  • Parent-Teacher Visitations


  • Back-to-School Afternoon
  • Senior Retreat
  • Protection of Youth

Tone Schedule

Regular Schedule

7:25 & 7:27 Warning Tones
7:30-8:20 1st Period
8:25–9:15 2nd Period
9:20–9:22 Announcements:
9:22–10:12 3rd Period
10:17–11:07 4th Period
11:12–12:02 5th Period
12:07–12:57 6th Period
1:02–1:52 7th Period
1:57–2:47 8th Period

Mentoring Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:25 & 7:28
1st Period 7:30-8:16
2nd Period 8:21–9:07
Announcements: 9:12–9:14
3rd Period 9:14–10:00
Mentor: 10:05–10:32
4th Period 10:37–11:23
5th Period 11:28–12:14
6th Period 12:19–1:05
7th Period 1:10–1:56
8th Period 2:01–2:47

Faculty Meeting Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:24 & 7:27
1st Period 7:30-8:10
2nd Period 8:16-8:56
Announcements: 9:02-9:04
3rd Period 9:04-9:44
4th Period 9:50–10:30
5th Period 10:36–11:16
6th Period 11:22–12:02
7th Period 12:08–12:48
8th Period 12:54–1:34
Meeting 1:40–2:54

Test Prep Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:25 & 7:28
1st Period 7:30-8:13
2nd Period 8:18–9:01
Announcements: 9:06-9:08
3rd Period 9:08–9:51
Prep 9:56–10:47
4th Period 10:52–11:35
5th Period 11:40–12:23
6th Period 12:28-1:11
7th Period 1:16–1:59
8th Period 2:04–2:47

Liturgy Schedule

Warning Tones: 7:25 & 7:28
1st Period 7:30 – 8:10
2nd Period 8:15–8:55
Announcements: 9:00–9:02
3rd Period 9:02–9:42
Liturgy 9:47–11:02
4th Period 11:07–11:47
5th Period 11:52–12:32
6th Period 12:37–1:17
7th Period 1:22–2:02
8th Period 2:07–2:47

Tuition Information

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Daily Announcement

Men’s Club

The Catholic High School Men’s Club has a long tradition of service to the Catholic High School community. Our purpose is to support the mission and young men of Catholic High School and to promote camaraderie among adult males who are interested in the betterment of the school. These goals are realized through recognition programs, community service, various gatherings and fundraisers. Our membership is composed of dads of current and former students, alumni, and other friends of the school.

Our functions include honoring extra-curricular clubs and sports during the year at hamburger suppers, the Annual Stag Barbecue, the $13,000 Raffle, Guys’ Night Out, and a faculty appreciation dinner. We assist with the 50-Year Reunion, Senior Supper and the Big Buddy Burger Bash. We assist the Alumni Association with the 50-Year Reunion and the Key Club with their Big Buddy Burger Bash.

Click here for online Annual and Lifetime Membership Registration.

2021-2022 Officers
Cliff Grout President
Darrell Ourso Vice-President
Jeffrey Hotard ’85 Treasurer/Moderator
David Hansen Secretary
Jeffrey Hotard ’85 Past-President

2021 – 2022 CHS Men’s Club Events

8/18/2021     6:30 – 7:30      Hamburger Supper

8/28/2021     5:30 – 10:00   86th Annual Stag BBQ

9/15/2021     6:30 – 7:30     Hamburger Supper

  • *POSTPONED*    Guys Night Out

10/20/2021    6:30 – 7:30    Hamburger Supper

11/11/2021    4:30 – 7:00    Open House

1/26/2022    6:30 – 7:30    Hamburger Supper

2/16/2022    6:00 – 9:00    Guys Night Out

2/23/2022    6:30 – 7:30    Hamburger Supper

3/9/2022    3:30 – 6:00    Bear Fair

3/16/2022    6:30 – 7:30    Hamburger Supper

4/8/2022    5:30 – 9:00    $13,000 Raffle

4/13/2022    6:00 – 8:00    Senior Supper

5/5/2022     8:00 – 1:00     Senior Last Day Crawfish Boil

5/27/2022     6:00 – 10:00     Faculty Appreciation Shrimp Boil

Mothers’ Club

The Catholic High School Mothers’ Club was organized on January 20, 1930. Members of this club strive to enhance the holistic educational experience of their sons by providing volunteer services to Catholic High School. This service supports ongoing efforts of faculty and staff to provide excellence in education and to promote the spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, social and physical development of Catholic High School students.

Events sponsored by the Catholic High School Mothers’ Club foster communication among parents and help build community. Proceeds from dues and our fundraisers allow us to be self sufficient in our efforts, as well as support the school financially through an annual gift. We also provide need-based financial assistance for students through the Catholic High School Mothers’ Club Endowed Scholarship.

2021-2022 Mothers’ Club Officers
Michelle Bohan President
Vacant Vice President
Melissa Grissom Treasurer
Stacey Mengis Secretary
Joanie Montelaro Past President
Margie Alexander Financial Advisor
Sherry Brouillette Faculty Moderator

Prevention of Abuse

“The mission of Catholic High School is to teach Gospel values in an environment of academic excellence according to Catholic tradition and the spirit of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.” (The Mission Statement of Catholic High School)

Catholic High School is committed to assuring that all employees’ and volunteers’ relations with the young further their human, spiritual, physical, moral and social growth. It is equally committed to vigilance against any influences which are inimical to growth in these areas.

In light of its mission and its relationship of trust with young people, Catholic High School states its strong commitment to preventing the sexual and physical abuse of the young who are the beneficiaries of this mission. It states with equal strength its commitment to preventing all forms of physical or sexual abuse. The concrete forms which define this policy of commitment to prevention of abuse are detailed in the subsequent paragraphs.

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Mr. Pete Boudreaux 8th Grade Class Counselor
Mrs. Lindsey O’Neal Freshman Class Counselor
Ms. Cathy Robichaux Sophomore Class Counselor, Director of Guidance
Mrs. Shelley Reinecke Junior Class Counselor
Mrs. Sherry Brouillette Senior Class Counselor, Director of College Counseling
Mrs. Jennifer Thibodeaux Senior Class Counselor, College Counselor
Brother Ray Hebert, S.C. Counselor and Chaplain
Mrs. Laura Laney Counseling Center Secretary
Student Services

It is the goal of the Counseling Department to guide each student in his academic, vocational and college planning, as well as to evaluate his present progress in school.

If a student encounters difficulty in the classroom or at home, whether it is poor grades, personal conflicts, or any problem he wishes to discuss, any member of the Counseling Center will gladly lend assistance. If, however, additional professional help is needed for a student, his parents will be consulted about a referral to another specialized person or agency.

Consultation With Parents

Counselors are available to you, and you may contact your son’s counselor to schedule an appointment. In fact, we encourage your requests for our assistance in helping your son to achieve his potential. If a counselor is not available, please send an email or leave a voicemail, and the counselor will respond as soon as possible.

Support Services

If your son has a type of disability or special condition that you feel might affect his performance in school, we urge you to let us know. Realizing that students are sometimes very self-conscious about a problem, we use great discretion in releasing this information. However, we do feel that teachers and counselors who deal directly with your son can be more effective if they are aware of your son’s special needs.

For your son’s protection, if he must use any type of medication during the school day, we ask that you send it to Mrs. Laney in the Guidance Office. You must complete and sign a consent form in order for us to dispense medication at school. These forms are available in the Guidance Office and on Edline.


The Counseling Center, in conjunction with the CHS Testing Coordinator, offers a comprehensive testing program. Please see the Student Handbook for testing information. Results of standardized tests given during school are distributed to students, and results are provided to you through your son. If at anytime you desire to review your son’s results with a counselor, please do not hesitate to call and arrange an appointment.

College Counseling

The Counseling Center is happy to assist your son with college preparations, college selections, scholarship needs, and transcript releases. Graduates of 2021 were offered $23,464,432 (not including TOPS) in scholarships. Mrs. Brouillette and Mrs. Thibodeaux, academic and personal counselors for seniors, visit their classrooms to explain the college admissions process and assist the seniors in processing their college applications.

Disclosure Statement Regarding Confidentiality

Students received a Disclosure Statement from their grade-level counselor at the time of our initial classroom visits. The statement reads as follows:

Our primary obligation and loyalty is to you the student. Therefore, the information shared with us will be treated with the utmost respect. In general, we will tell no one of what you have confided in us. However, the ethical standards of our profession require us to disclose information to parents of minors when sharing such information may protect you or others from harm. In addition, it may be necessary to inform school officials of any intent to harm school property if such information becomes known to us through a counseling session.

Please know that sharing information from a counseling session will only be done after careful consideration, and every effort will be made to notify you in advance of our obligation and intention to disclose such information.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a source of basic information the CHS student needs for planning in carrying out his course of study.  It is the official source of school policies and requirements for participation in academic, extracurricular and informal activities at Catholic High School. The handbook provides parents with information to enable them to assist and support the efforts and activities of their sons.

Download the 2021-2022 Catholic High Student Handbook here. All students must submit a Student Handbook Consent Form signed by both the student and guardian(s) to the assistant principals office by Friday, Aug. 16. Download 2019-2020 Parent/Student Consent Form.


“Our respect, pardon and unconditional love for the young people entrusted to us radiates from the love of Jesus for us. We try to be a sign to the young men of Catholic High School of His compassion, as we challenge them to a sense of personal responsibility.”

Brother Ray Hebert, SC, Guidance Department