18 Jun 2012

Patrick McLean Recognized as Discus Award Winner

Senior Patrick McLean was recognized this school year as a Discus Award Winner. McLean was recognized for his academic excellence, his involvement in community service and his strong faith.
At CHS, McLean is enrolled in both Honors and AP classes and has received the First Honors award each year. This past year, he served as State President for the Louisiana High School Association of Spanish Clubs. McLean is an Eagle Scout and earned that honor by being involved in community restoration in Wyoming and was involved with Camp Character, which works with inner-city kids. He also serves as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and is involved in his parsh youth group.

The Discus Awards is a national program that began in October 2009 and seeks to honor the íÍAll-Around High School Student.íñ Students recognized with a Discus Award must excel in at least three of the following ten attributes: academics, arts, athletics, community service, faith, government, green, technology, work and other achievements.