21 May 2018

Five CHS Students Score 36 on ACT

Five Catholic High School students – Stephen Gaudin ’18, Jack Fuselier ’19, Everett Bonner ’19, Eli Barbin ’19 and Isaak Dawson ’19 – earned a 36 composite on the ACT. On average less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earn this score. According to the latest ACT data, in the U.S. high school graduating class of 2017, only 2,760 out of more than 2 million graduates who took the ACT earned the top score of a 36.

In a letter to the students recognizing this exceptional achievement, ACT Chief Executive Officer Marten Roorda stated, “Your achievement on the ACT is significant and rare. While test scores are just one of multiple criteria that most colleges consider when making admission decisions, your exceptional ACT composite score should prove helpful as you pursue your education and career goals.”

Graduating senior, Stephen Gaudin, scored a 36 on the ACT his junior year and was previously featured in the fall 2016 issue of Bear Facts. Gaudin is the son of Steve and Anne Marie Gaudin. “I guess taking the test multiple times paid off because I knew what to expect and was prepared to do well on the test,” said Gaudin. In December 2017, he received an appointment to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Gaudin attended St. Thomas More prior to Catholic High School.

First time test-taker, Jack Fuselier, is active in Mu Alpha Theta, the French Club, National Honor Society and is a member of the varsity bowling team. Son of Mark Fuselier and Meg Mahoney, Fuselier prepared for the test at school during test prep classes. “I was very excited when I saw my score because I didn’t think that I had done THAT well,” said Fuselier. “I am leaving my college options open right now because I don’t know what my major will be, but my number one choice at the moment is the LSU Honors College.” Fuselier attended St. Aloysius prior to Catholic High School.

Everett Bonner has taken the ACT twice, but only once as a high school student. His first time was in the seventh grade as part of the Duke TIP program where he made a 26. Bonner, son of Allyson and Everett Bonner Jr., is a member of Student Council, Student Ambassadors, Student Ministry, B.A.D.D., National Honors Society, Youth & Government and Show Choir, and is also a part of the High School Youth Group Leadership Team at St. Aloysius. “I was not at all expecting a 36, but was very ecstatic,” said Bonner. “Many of the colleges that I want to get into require scores in the 30s.” While in college, Bonner plans on focusing on global health, specifically in developing countries. Bonner attended St. Aloysius prior to Catholic High School.

For Eli Barbin, the third time really was the charm. His main source of preparation was past tests. “I knew I had the potential to do really well, but the 36 on this particular test surprised me,” said Barbin. “I’ve been to visit a few schools, but haven’t made any real decisions on where I want to go or even what I want to do just yet.” Son of Paul and Laura Barbin, Eli is a member of Choir, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Chess Club, Spanish Club and is a member of the Quiz Bowl Team. Barbin attended Sacred Heart prior to Catholic High School.

Isaak Dawson has also taken the test twice: once in the seventh grade as part of the Duke TIP program and once as a high school student. For Dawson, preparation included looking over equations for algebra and geometry. “I was very happy when I saw that I made a 36,” said Dawson. “I didn’t tell any of my classmates, but somehow they found out.” Dawson, son of Michael and Jeanne Dawson, has started narrowing down his selections for college and plans on pursuing video game programming. Dawson attended St. Luke’s Episcopal prior to Catholic High School.

Catholic High School also had 10 students score a 35 and 13 students score a 34 on the ACT. Students who scored a 35 were Ryan Aultman, Nicholas DiLeo, Joshua Durnin, Andrew Harris, Gabe Keowen, Adam Langlois, Khoivu Nguyen, Edward Alumbaugh, Kyle Becnel and Hunter Antie. Students scoring a 34 were Evan Dille, Michael Doran, Jackson Haag, Marc Taylor, Steven Vince, Alejandro Cordova, Hunter Doiron, Ryan Harmon, Reece Lantz, Andrew Wilkins, Daniel Woodruff, Patrick Herry and Nicholas Robert.

ACT SCORE OF 36 (l to r) Isaak Dawson, Eli Barbin, Stephen Gaudin, Jack Fuselier and Everett Bonner.
ACT SCORE OF 34, 35 AND 36 (front, l to r) Eli Barbin, Joshua Durnin, Everett Bonner, Reece Lantz, Hunter Doiron, (second row, l to r) Nicholas DiLeo, Stephen Gaudin, Jackson Haag, Michael Doran, Alejandro Cordova, (third row, l to r) Nicholas Robert, Hunter Antie, Kyle Becnel, Isaak Dawson, (fourth row, l to r) Khoivu Nguyen, Drake Brignac, Edward Alumbaugh, Gabe Keowen, Patrick Herry, (fifth row, l to r) Adam Langlois, Marc Taylor, Jack Fuselier, Evan Dille, Ryan Aultman, (top row, l to r) Daniel Woodruff, Steven Vince, Ryan Harmon, Andrew Wilkins and Andrew Harris