04 Apr 2017

Robotics Club Hosts Robotics Competition For Middle And High School Students

The Bear Bots Robotics Club held the first Catholic High Robotics Competition for middle and high school students on Friday, March 24.  Lego Mindstorm robots were designed and programmed to sumo wrestle within a 3-foot diameter ring. The robots were completely autonomous and had to push each other out of the ring. The first robot that touched the outside of the ring lost the round. Through a double-elimination process, all teams competed against each other at least once.  

Winners of the competition were West Feliciana Middle School, first place; STEM Academy of Pointe Coupee, second place; and Catholic High 8th grade (third place).

The CHS 8th grade team consisted of Stephen Herin, Benjamin Mayeux, Christian Thompson and Robbie Martin.