21 Aug 2017

Senior Easton Hollis Participates in Collegiate Bowling Combine

Senior Easton Hollis was invited to participate in the Collegiate Bowling Combine in Arlington, Texas, Aug. 8-12, 2017, at the United States Bowling Congress International Training and Research Center which is also home of the USA Olympic Bowling Committee and the USA Bowling Team. Applicants were accepted into the Combine based on their bowling resume, achievements and qualifications. Approximately 100 student athletes were accepted to compete in the Combine from all over the world. 

“I was very excited to be accepted into the Combine and have the opportunity to test my skills in such a competitive, exciting environment,Ó said Hollis. ÒThis facility is where the USA Team trains, that was awesome to me. Also, they used the same high-tech equipment to track our performance that the pros and Team USA use to up their game!” 

The bowling combine was created by the United States Bowling Congress to connect prospective college bound student athletes with college coaches looking to recruit competitive bowlers for their programs. Participants were divided into squads and put to the test for three days performing specific skills. 

Participants were evaluated on sport-specific skills, overall athleticism and the “IT” factor. State of the Art technology was used to assess each bowler’s strengths and weaknesses. A report is generated after the event on each participants overall performance and these reports are made available to college coaches. Collegiate coaches are invited to attend the combine to evaluate, observe and analyze the potential talent of the participants. 

ÒMeeting college coaches and talking to them about their collegiate programs was very exciting,Ó commented Hollis. ÒI am looking forward to getting my evaluation in a couple of weeks to see where I need to work the hardest to help our bowling team return back to the State Championship this year!” 

During the Combine there is a dinner for the participants and their family and an opportunity to visit the International Bowling Hall of Fame Museum. There is also an opportunity to meet college coaches and learn more about their programs and scholarships after the completion of the Combine.

“I bowled with a guy from Peru on my squad who was hoping to get a scholarship to attend college in the United States and bowl for a competitive program,Ó said Hollis. ÒMeeting him was one of the highlights of my experience because it reminded me of how fortunate we are to have the amazing opportunities we have to go to college. Not to mention, he was a really good bowler!”