17 Aug 2011

Senior Kurt Ristroph Elected National JCL Editor

In July 2011, three CHS students and two alumni attended the National Junior Classical League Convention held at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.  Attending the convention were Joey Chatelain, an alumnus and former CHS JCL President; Ryan Denoux, an alumnus and former CHS JCL President; Thomas Martin, CHS senior and CHS JCL First Vice-President; Kurt Ristroph, CHS senior and CHS JCL President; and Quin Mese, CHS junior.

Chatelain served as part of the Senior Classical League, JCL’s college counterpart, and was one of two SCLers from Louisiana to attend.

CHS Senior Kurt Ristroph has been elected to serve as the 2011-2012 National Junior Classical League Editor.  He will be responsible for writing  and editing the official NJCL newsletter, The Torch U.S. and serve on the National board.

“I am incredibly proud of Kurt on his accomplishment and immensely pleased that all of his dedication to JCL has paid off in a most tremendous way.  It is rare for a student to be elected to a national office, and I couldn’t think of anyone who deserves it more than Kurt.  I know he will be an exemplary representative for CHS and the Louisiana JCL club,” commented CHS JCL moderator Adriane Comeaux.

All five accompanied the LJCL to Rock City and the Dollywood amusement park along the way to Kentucky, where the Convention itself was held during the final week of July. 

The four JCLers participated in a week-long series of tests, spirit competitions, colloquia sessions, ludi games, and other activities. Martin and Denoux appeared onstage at the Convention’s That’s Entertainment talent show with their guitar and bagpipe act, to a massive standing ovation and lauds throughout the remainder of the Convention. Mese participated in several ludi games, including interstate Ultimate Frisbee and individual Chess. Ristroph placed in several art competitions and earned recognition for his JCL publications at both the Local and State levels; the Torch U.S.  CHS JCL newsletter placed first in the nation.

Catholic High was also recognized by placing 29th in Overall Publicity nationwide for local chapters.
The four CHS students were among over 1,500 delegates in attendance.