01 Dec 2016

Senior Religion Class Visits Fellow Brothers Of The Sacred Heart School, St. Stanislaus College

On Wednesday, Nov. 30, students from the Brothers of the Sacred Heart senior religion class took a tour of St. Stanislaus College. The field trip was coordinated by Brother Dwight Kenney, SC, one of their guidance counselors.

Students toured the main school building with Brother Barry Landry, the president of SSC. Brother Barry emphasized the rich history of the school and the significance of the Brothers’ presence there, dating back to 1854. Brother Bernard Couvillon, who serves as campus minster, led the students through the Brothers’ house, concluding the experience there with a prayer service.

Mr. Chris Davis, who is discerning a vocation with the Brothers, showed the students the dormitory, which currently houses over 50 boarding students. The class also spent time at the Brothers’ cemetery, praying at the gravesites of Brothers with strong ties to CHS. The tour concluded after lunch with a walk out onto the pier.