06 Mar 2018

Seniors Learn From The Professionals During Career Day

CHS seniors received firsthand advice from area professionals and CHS alumni on what it takes to be successful in the professional world during their recent Career Day. The event was the latest in a series of activities in CHS’ Senior Sessions program, which is designed to provide seniors with information and practical advice on making the transition from high school to college and the professional world.

There were eight professions represented, including Commerce, Computer and Information Technology, Construction and Architecture, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Health Care, Law Enforcement and Law. Seniors had the opportunity to meet in small groups with representatives and ask questions regarding the roles and responsibilities required to be successful within each profession. More than 20 CHS alumni participated in the program.

Commerce (Banking, Finance and Real Estate)
Ron Broussard ’98
Brandon Kelly ’00
Kyle Jackson ’07

Computer and Information Technology
Andy Waggenspack ’92
Will Assaf ’99
George Eldredge ’96

Construction and Architecture
Daniel Loup ’97
Kevin Alford ’99

Trey Eyre ’98
Chase Bates ’03
Ben McArdle ’05
Joe Veron ’04

J.P. Ngo ’97
Stephen Hightower ’91

Health Care
Stephen Sanches ’01
Luke Zumo ’04
Gabe Guerrero ’08
Scott Napoli ’88

Ed Hardin ’86
Lyman Thornton
Brandon Fremin ’92
Chris Hester ’01

Law Enforcement
Doug Cain ’89
Chris Baron ’90