22 Mar 2017

Seniors Shadow A Career Mentor For A Day

On Monday, March 20, senior students participated in a job shadowing assignment. Seniors were given a day off from school to shadow a mentor of their choice for a minimum of six hours. Students were encouraged to select mentors in a career that interest them the most. ÒOne of the best ways to decide what you want to major in and what you want your career to be is to observe people who are working in that field already,Ó said school counselor Cathy Robichaux. ÒSee what the day-to-day would be like from the inside.Ó

One of the main goals of job shadowing is for students to learn first-hand about the career that interests them the most. Students have shadowed mentors in a number of different fields including engineering, law, medicine, education, science, media and priests. ÒThey get to ask questions that only professionals in that field can answer,Ó said Robichaux. ÒWhat kind of hours do you work? What kind of clients do you see? What courses did you take in college? WhatÕs your favorite thing about the job? What do you hate about your job? For some students, this is a real eye-opener and can change their perception on the ÔglamourÕ that some job titles have.Ó

Job shadowing is a mandatory graduation requirement for seniors to complete. They are not allowed to shadow parents or CHS teachers. After the day of job shadowing, student have to write a reflection on their experience. Mentors are also required to give an evaluation on the students. 

Photo caption: CHS seniors Christopher Miller and Lance Chaisson with mentor Jeffery Miller, senior production director at BASF (chemical engineering).