27 Mar 2018

Sophomore Philip Moore Earns Rank of Eagle Scout

CHS sophomore Philip Moore earned the rank of Eagle Scout with Troop 169 on October 21, 2017.

To earn the rank of Eagle Scout, a Scout must progress through six ranks, earn a minimum of 21 merit badges, serve in several leadership positions within his troop and provide service to the community. In addition, a Scout must plan, develop and give leadership to a service project for a religious or community organization. For his service project, Moore directed his troop in the construction of “A Bridge to Christ.” The bridge spans the neutral ground that connects Trinity Lutheran Church and Florida Boulevard Baptist Church. The two churches use both parking lots for special events. For many years patrons were required to drop off passengers at the respective churches then the driver would be required to park and walk to the event. Now there is a very sturdy and beautiful foot bridge that connects the parking lots.