05 Mar 2015

Sophomore William Martin Earns Eagle Scout Rank and Project of the Year

William Martin, Catholic High School Sophomore, earned Rank of Eagle Scout and 
was honored by the Istrouma Area Council with the 2014 Eagle Scout Project of the Year.  On the evening of December 23, 2014, Martin had his Eagle Scout Board of Review in Baton Rouge and officially became an Eagle Scout.  Earlier that day, he had been in Jennings, Louisiana to deliver and install a bronze Braille American Flag to the War Veterans Home.

His original proposal for his Eagle Scout project was to donate a bronze Braille American Flag to the War Veterans Home in Jackson, Louisiana. He raised funds for his project by offering presentations, along with his fellow Troop 7 Boy Scouts, to various local groups on the history of the United States Flag and Flag Etiquette in exchange for donations for his project. He also sold wristbands with the name of his project on them, íÍTouch and See.íñ The fundraising was so successful that he was able to donate a bronze Braille American Flag to all five War Veterans Homes in the state of Louisiana. 

The first flag was donated to the War Veterans Home in Jackson, Louisiana on November 26, 2014. A formal presentation ceremony was held followed by a cake and lemonade reception with the veteran residents. Fifty Thanksgiving gift bags filled with items needed by the veterans were given out. William spent his Christmas holidays traveling throughout the state of Louisiana delivering and installing the other four bronze Braille American Flags. He traveled to Reserve, Louisiana on December 22 to install the flag at the War Veterans Home there. Nine Harley Owners Group members from Baton Rouge who had contributed to the project offered to escort William and his mother to Reserve on their motorcycles. It was quite a memorable experience. The other flags were delivered and installed on December 23 to the War Veterans Home in Jennings and December 29 and 30 brought him to the War Veterans Homes in Monroe and Bossier City, Louisiana. 

On Sunday, March 1, 2014, William was honored at the annual Istrouma Area Council Boy Scouts of America Recognition Reception with the 2014 Glenn A. and Melinda W. AdamsEagle Scout Project of the Year. His project was chosen among the 129 Boy Scout projects completed in 2014 by Scouts in the Greater Baton Rouge area that earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

To earn the rank of Eagle Scout, a Scout must progress through six lesser ranks, earn a minimum of 21 merit badges, serve in leadership positions with the Troop and provide service to the community. Approximately seven percent of Boy Scouts attain the rank of Eagle.

William is a member of Boy Scout Troop 7 sponsored by Saint Aloysius Catholic Church. His scoutmaster is Mr. Mark Ford.