05 Mar 2015

Still Time To Donate to Food Drive

In conjunction with the 2015 CHS/SJA Challenge Day, the Students have been hosting a Food Drive during the week of March 2 – 6. The CHS/SJA Challenge will be held in the CHS Gym on Friday, March 13. Winning the Food Drive will earn the winning school a point at Challenge but, more importantly, it will also go to the Baton Rouge Food Bank. 

“This has been a great experience.  It has been exciting to see the entire student body come together to help out.  And, while this is for a Challenge point, it’s the bigger picture that counts,” commented Ray Nebel ’16.

Students have spent the week collecting money and have visited many area grocery stores.  The community has been very supportive of our students in their efforts to collect food for the Baton Rouge Food Bank.  At one stop, they were $10 short at the register and the cashier donated the remaining $10.  At another stop, a woman in line asked the boys what they were doing.  When they explained to her about the Food Drive and Challenge, she donated $100. 

“I understand how important it is to earn the point for Challenge but also to give back to the community and do what we can to help.  It has been awesome to see the number of people willing to help out and give money to buy food.  It has been exciting to see students share my enthusiasm for helping out the community and outperform my expectations,” said Joseph Lemoine ’17.

Catholic High would like to also thank PODS for donating the storage units for the Food Drive.

Alumni are welcome to participate in the Food Drive and help the Bears earn a point for the Challenge!

Food items can be dropped off in the Science Center lobby by 3 p.m. today.  The following items will NOT count:  bottled water, flour, sugar, and other similar items, and canned syrup.