23 Mar 2009

Students Achieve at District Literary Rally

Catholic High students placed in the District Literary Rally held on March 21 at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond. An asterisk next to a student’s name means that he will move on to the State Rally at LSU. Note: State Rally rules do not allow more than one student to represent a school in any particular subject.

1st Place
Chris Abshire* Journalism I
Brian Blume* World Geography
Nathan Bush* Advanced Math I
Hill Chesteen* Environmental Science
Scott Daigle* American History
Ryan Denoux* Bus. Comp. Applications
Zachary Freeman* Accounting I
Austin Gerald* World History
Alex Maris* Biology II
Chandler McArthur* Physical Science
Andrew Mire* Chemistry
Eric Rohli* Geometry
Michael St. Blanc* Spanish III
Kenneth Zielewski* Spanish II

2nd Place
Stephen Anderson* Spanish I
Mark Babin* Algebra I
Stephen Crosby* Biology
Christopher Focht Advanced Math I
Cole Gulino Journalism I
Nick LeSage* Free Enterprise
Mark Rolfsen* Calculus
Peter Sicard Spanish II
Michael Smith Environmental Science
Steven Spedale Spanish III
Andr_ Wiggins* Computer Science

3rd Place
Daniel Brignac World History
Ray Decuir Biology II
Robert Dolese World Geography
Casey Fitzgerald American History
Michael Kelly* Algebra II
Quin Mese Physical Science
Jelani Pitcher* French I
Chandler Rome* Intro. to Bus. Comp. Apps.
Andrew Rothkamm* English II
Charles Weimer* Advanced Math II

4th Place
Sean Cotton* Physics
Nicolas Moreau Advanced Math II
Michael Skapura Calculus
Christopher Sloas Chemistry
Nathan White French III

5th Place
Anson Becnel* English IV
Nicholas Lanata* Civics
Alex Monistere French I
Jonathan Sciortino French III

7th Place
Russ Guidry* English III
Steven Olsen Geometry