28 Jun 2010

Students Participate in Annual Mission Trip

CHS and SJA students participated in the annual mission trip to St. Ann’s Mission in Klagetoh, Arizona June 12 – June 19, 2010. The students ran a bible camp for Navajo children during the day and participated in Native American cultural activities during the evenings.

íÍThe trip was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to meet new people and experience a new culture that I would have never had a chance to experience,íñ commented Elliot Diel ’11.

íÍThis trip helped me realize how God is always working in my life and how I can see Him all around me,íñ stated Taylor Fontenot ’11.

íÍTo have an experience like this one is indescribable. From bonding with my fellow classmates to interacting with the culturally rich Navajo people, I feel I have truly helped live out God’s mission for us on Earth,íñ commented Daniel Babin ’11.

íÍIt was heartwarming to see how the CHS and SJA students interacted and cared for the Navajo children.  They truly treated the Navajo children as their own brothers and sisters,íñ CHS Campus Minister Jeff Nola.