04 Aug 2008

Students Participate in Mission Trip to Klagetoh

CHS and SJA students participated in the annual mission trip to St. Ann’s Mission in Klagetoh, Arizona June 14 – June 21, 2008. The students ran a bible school for Navajo children during the day and participated in Native American cultural activities during the evenings.

‘It was a great experience. It gave me a chance to take in a new culture and to not take for granted all of the opportunities I have. Also, the kids really opened up to us and enjoyed everything, no matter what is was,’ commented Kyle Melancon ’10.

CHS students Kyle Melancon, Graves Kelly, Jacob Knight, William McIntyre, Ray Decuir, Luke Bosse and Bradley Brian participated in the mission trip along with SJA students Anna Cockfield, Madeline Drone, Christine Ford, Claire Langlois and Callea McGehee. CHS teachers Jeff Nola and Scott Manning chaperoned the students along with Stacia Bordelon.