24 Mar 2011

Students Place at District Rally

Twenty-four Catholic High students placed at District Literary Rally on Saturday, March 19. 

Placing at District Rally were Joseph Lejeune, first place in Accounting I; Kurt Ristroph, third place in Advanced Math I; Eric Rohli, fourth place in Advanced Math I; Jordan Landry, second place in Advanced Math II; Joey Balhoff, second place in Algebra I; Nick Sciortino, fourth place in Algebra I; Jacob Cotton, second place in Art Exhibit, Category 3; Lawrence Elkins, second place in Biology I; Michael Kelly, fourth place in Biology II; Christopher Sloas, second place in Calculus; David Stewart, first place in Calculus; Hunter Dupre, third place in Chemistry; Nick Broyles, fourth place in Civics; Austin Walker, second place in Computer Science; Jake Campesi, fourth place in English I; Benjamin Wiseman, second place in English III; Ken Zielewski, sixth place in English IV; William Pearson, fourth place in Environmental Science; Morgan Stuart, fifth place in Free Enterprise; Alex Monistere, second place in French III; Spencer Brignac, first place in Journalism I; Grant Hardy, fourth place in Spanish I; Adam Stagg, fifth place in Spanish II; and Stephen Anderson, second place in Spanish III.

Nineteen students qualifiying for State Rally were Joseph Lejeune, Accounting I; Kurt Ristroph, Advanced Math I; Jordan Landry, Advanced Math II; Joey Balhoff, Algebra I; Lawrence Elkins, Biology I; Michael Kelly, Biology II; David Stewart, Calculus; Hunter Dupre, Chemistry; Nick Broyles, Civics; Austin Walker, Computer Science; Jake Campesi, English I; Benjamin Wiseman, English III; Ken Zielewski, English IV; William Pearson, Environmental Science; Morgan Stuart, Free Enterprise; Spencer Brignac, Journalism I; Grant Hardy, Spanish I; Adam Stagg, Spanish II; and Stephen Anderson, Spanish III.

A school can only send one person per subject to State Rally; therefore, if Catholic High had first and second places in a subject, only the first place student will attend State Rally.