12 Mar 2018

Students Place Third In Louisiana High School Technology Challenge

Catholic High students placed third in the 12th annual Louisiana High School Technology Challenge. Eleven juniors and seniors collaborated in the creation of three projects and a scavenger hunt during the four hour competition. This year, students created a 60-second video promoting a reduction in the use of social media. The video showed the dangers of focusing on your cell phone while ignoring the people around you. Another group created an original short rhyming poem for children learning how to read. The theme of the poem was sharing and included illustrations drawn in Photoshop. A third group created a PowerPoint to evaluate and compare digital devices. The five slide presentation highlighted facts and figures related to the Apple Watch vs. the Motorola Smart Watch. The Internet scavenger hunt required not only the correct answers, but reliable sources, such as medical journals, government agencies and trade publications. Seniors participating included Brandon Andrews, Noah Davis, Evan Goldsmith, Drew Harris, Adam Langlois, Trent Magill, Rees Romero and Steven Vince. Juniors participating were Allen Duggar, Spencer Heitman and Sean Kennedy.