22 Mar 2006

Students Placed in District Literary Rally

Catholic High students participated in District Rally on March 11. Student placing first were Andrew Ellender, Accounting I; Ryan Al-Marhoun, Advanced Math I; Eric Ristroph, Advanced Math II; Joel Raborn, Biology II; Scott Sulik, Calculus; Peter Nictakis, Civics; Sam Harbourt, English IV; Andrew Stewart, Geometry; Aaron Caffarel, Spanish III; and Jordan St. Amant, World History.

Students placing second in District Rally were Joshua Wood, Accounting I; Michael DeLatin, Art Exhibit; Reed Stephens, Biology II; Travis Meyer, Calculus; Randy Roth, Chemistry; Nicholas Comeaux, Computer Science; James Gilbert, English II; Grayson Young, Free Enterprise; Maurice Theriot, French II; Derrick Philippe, Physics; Jeremiah Mouton, Spanish III; and Nathan Bush, Algebra I.

In third place Brian Lumpkins, Advanced Math I; Eric Guidry, Business Computer Applications; Kyle Babin, Chemistry; Robert DiMario, Free Enterprise; and Stephen Richard, Physics.

In fourth place were John Shamma, Algebra I; Davis Rhorer, American History; Nicholas Fisher, Business/Finance Mathematics; James Smith, Computer Science; and Brandon Cary, Environmental Science.

In fifth place were Brandon Layman, Advanced Math II; Luis Alexander, English II; Daniel Nelson, French I; Austin Babin, French II; and Elijah Zehyoue. In sixth place were Clayton Walker, English I; and Allen Beal, Environmental Science.