26 Mar 2011

Students Take Honors at Mu Alpha Theta Convention

Catholic High received third place overall at the Mu Alpha Theta State Convention and Eric Rohli was elected District IV Governor. 

Individual winners were the following:
Calculus – Ross Starks, first; Andrew Mire, second; Christopher Sloas, third; Owen Collier Ridge,eighth; and Ryan Denoux, ninth.

Pre-Calculus – Daniel Babin, first; Kurt Ristroph, seventh; Eric Rohli, ninth; and Hunter Dupre, 10th.

Algebra II – Mark Babin, fourth; Austin Lala, eighth; and David Doiron, ninth.

Calculus Top Cipherer – Chris Sloas

Pre-Calculus Top Cipherer – Stephen Crosby

Calculus Math Bowl – Owen Collier-Ridge, John Moore, Chris Sloas and David Stewart, first; Blake Montalbano, Preston Pittman, Ross Starts and Gill Walker, second.

Pre-Calculus Math Bowl – Jake Bowers, Corey Brignac, Sam Justice and Daniel Moore, first; Ethan Beaman, Stephen Crosby, Hunter Dupre and Kurt Ristroph, second.

Algebra II Math Bowl – David Doiron, Austin Lala, Michael McDowell and Tyler Peairs, first.

Hustle – Mark Babin, Andrew Mire, Kyle Robichaux and Eric Rohli, third.

Function Area Test – Luke Matheny, second; Michael Beal, fifth; and Matthew Theriot, sixth.

Geometry Area Test – Hunter Rube, first

Trigonometry Area Test – Daniel Babin, fourth.

Advanced Math Area Test – Bradford Lavergne, seventh; Tyler Daigrepont, eighth.

Differentiation Area Test – Michael Murray, seventh; Haggai Davis, eighth.

Scholarship Test – David Stewart, fifth.

Factorial – Haggai Davis and David Stewart, first

Calculus Descartes – Benjamin Wiseman, second

Algebra II Descartes – Joseph St. Cyr, first; and Quin Mese, third