26 Feb 2014

Students Visit with Brothers of the Sacred Heart at St. Stanislaus

CHS Campus Minister Scott Losavio’s students traveled to St. Stanislaus in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi on Wednesday to spend the day with Brothers there.  While visiting the campus, Brother Barry Landry, SC, former CHS principal, toured them around the Brothers’ cemetery and Brother Bernie showed them around the campus chapel that was damaged during Hurricane Katrina.  

Brother Dwight took the boys through the main building and showed them the history of St. Stanislaus through photos.  The boys also admired and had the opportunity to pose by the Heisman Trophy of Felix “Doc” Blanchard, a St. Stanislaus graduate.  Mr. Chris Davis toured the boys through the dormitory  and then ate lunch with St. Stanislaus students.

The boys ended the day enjoying the views of the bay while walking along the pier and touring through the Brothers’ residence with Brother Bernie.

“Our trip to St. Stanislaus was a great way to get to interact with students from a fellow Brothers of the Sacred Heart school. We enjoyed touring the school, visiting the Brothers’ residence, and learning about the expansive history of St. Stanislaus. It was a great history lesson as well as a great way for us to get to know the students that attend school there,” commented CHS Senior Collin Lindrew.

“Overall, the trip to St. Stanislaus was very informative and eye opening. As a former student of St. Stanislaus, it was amazing to see the progress that the school has experienced since the last time I was there. I feel like the rebuilding process that St. Stanislaus has been going through since Hurricane Katrina is a prime example of the dedication that the Brothers have toward providing their students with the best learning environment possible,” commented CHS Senior Timothy Balhoff.