Student Information

IN A SETTING WHICH IS INDIVIDUALIZED AND PERSONAL, our school counseling programs assist students to learn about themselves, their interpersonal relationships, and behaviors that advance their personal development.

Catholic High School is dedicated to providing opportunities for development of the spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth of each student.

As CHS strives to nurture within each student the belief that we are all created by a personal and a loving God who cares for us and desires that we share with Him His life of happiness, our goal is to work in partnership with parents in developing in their sons a sense of responsibility to God, to themselves and to their fellow human beings.

The school strives to help each student to develop a realistic and positive self-image, thus enabling him to be a substantial and happy individual.

CHS believes learning requires a disciplined atmosphere that fosters both personal freedom and responsibility for one’s decisions.


Daily Announcement


May 18, 2018

The Library hours during exams next week will be 7:15 am to 11:45 am.

All student account balances will be carried forward into next school year. If your account balance is negative; you must pay what is due before exams start. If you do not know your balance or have a question about your account, please see Mrs. Johnson in the bookstore.

Breakfast and snacks will still be available before, in-between, and after exams next week. There will be no plate lunches.

Students should check in the bookstore for any item lost during the school year. Items unclaimed by the end of exams will be donated to a local charity. Teachers, if there are any items in classrooms please send them to the bookstore as soon as possible.


“Our respect, pardon and unconditional love for the young people entrusted to us radiates from the love of Jesus for us. We try to be a sign to the young men of Catholic High School of His compassion, as we challenge them to a sense of personal responsibility.”

Brother Ray Hebert, SC, Guidance Department