14 Apr 2010

Summer at CHS Offers New Camps

2010 Summer at CHS would like to highlight the two new camps that are being offered this summer.  

Track Camp
This is a one week program for seventh and eighth graders which focuses on the basic techniques and mechanics of sprinting and running as well as strategy for running different events. The program will include a brief classroom session at the beginning of each day followed by workouts on the track. Events ranging from the 100 meters sprint to the 1600 meters run will be covered. Video will also be used to critique the runners’ mechanics to aid in the improvement of their running style. The tapes will be reviewed in the classroom session the following day and what is learned will be incorporated into the workouts.

Fun Friday Camp
These camps are designed for campers to enjoy a relaxing fun filled Friday.  The camp will consist of quality activities supervised and instructed by current CHS faculty members.  Campers will experience a variety of sports, games, friendships and fun while the day seems to go by too fast.  Lunch will not be provided so please make sure your camper brings a bag lunch.

Please click here to visit our 2010 Summer at CHS Brochure online for more information.